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Events - Vajra'18
From beaches to the fields, this game of agility and tact has carved a niche for itself among the passionate players. The smashes, the serves, the spikes and the dives- perfection is your necessity in this section. Requiring the best concoction of astute tactics and crafty skills from the players and the crucial touches to get the ball back in the opponent's court, the game often behests the players to be unorthodox, providing a spectacle for those in the stands. Come and cheer for your teams and you'll have no time to blink, no moment to keep calm and even more supremely, no chances to give up hope, in a sport that witnesses astounding comebacks and that never fails to amaze you. Teamwork, passion and dedication will all be on display when the teams face off, come November.
"What a great day for football, all we need is some green grass and a ball". The contemporary history of the world's favourite game spans more than 100 years. It all began in 1863 in England when rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses and the Football Association in England was formed - becoming the sport's first governing body. Football has always been a hierarchical sport with its roots at the academy level, moving up to the college level and hitting higher levels of non-league football and professional league soccer. With the footballing landscape seeing a major shift in the Indian subcontinent, we deem it best suited that talent is recognized as early as possible and maximum time given for its germination. VAJRA'18 promises you to provide you with just the perfect platform to prove your individual adroitness and your team's cohesion in a battle of the greatest college teams from eastern India.
Once dubbed as 'baseball on Valium', the English game of cricket originated in the sheep-raising country of the Southeast, where the short grass of the pastures made it possible to bowl or roll a ball of rags or wool at a target. Throughout the English countryside, each year in late April and early May, that familiar sound of leather (ball) against willow (bat) can once again be heard, signifying the start of a new cricket season. For American readers – this is the name of England’s premier summer sport and not some noisy bug! A game, which could perhaps be described as a cross between baseball and chess. A game, which takes five days to play and more often than not ends in a draw. A game which has found devotees, followers and lovers in all of the far-flung reaches of the old British Empire including Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Keep your zest in check just until 2nd November!
A nerve-racking battle of wits with the ultimate objective to checkmate the opponent- Chess is truly for the elite. Bordering upon abstract strategy, extreme focus and expertise in tactics, chess has always been a favorite among intellectuals and the mind-challengers. Lapse of concentration for one moment can prove to be your downfall while brilliance can strike at the spur of a moment and make you the victor ludorum. Sharpen your skills and exercise your brain for the melee of intellect begins from the 2nd of November.
Few sports in the world can boast of being as complete as basketball and even fewer can generate as much wonderment in such a brief amount of time. The playful dribbles that leave opponents flabbergasted as you balance the orange sphere of excellence in your hands and swivel through the trickiest of openings, the scintillating team plays that begin in our own half and tear through your rival’s defense, the powerful shots that emerge unexpectedly from the farthest of ranges leaving adversaries dazed, the cleverly anticipated blocks, and the most exquisite of dunks as you leap into the air to slam the ball through the ring – nothing quite compares to this rollercoaster of a game. Wait to quaff your largest draughts from this river of fascination. Flowing from 2nd November.
From families contesting buoyant games in their backyard to athletes training round-the-clock for years to land that perfect drop, this splendid sport has captured the emotions and dedications of thousands who have desired and deserved and has given back inspirations, jubilation and an exhibition worthy of great praise. The sweat dripping as the warriors with stringed swords slice the birdie leaping all over the court with astounding agility, the surge of energy as they fall and get up in a flash, the jumps, the landings, the spinning of racket after a score, the delicate serve, the skilled drive, the precise drop, the powerful smash, altogether the graceful flow of Badminton is a magic to behold. Witness this magic from 2nd to 4th November at VAJRA'18.
Table Tennis
Over the years, the world has seen the second cousin of its favorite lawn tennis emerging as one of the most followed sport of all times. A sport requiring the perfect blend of physical and mental agility, table tennis is an exemplary art form portraying quintessential dexterity. The amount of dynamism involved in the game constantly pumps up the adrenaline of the players, giving a captivating sight for the spectators to behold. In addition to swift spins and effortless flicks, every move of the player is bound to have the opponent thinking and reacting within a blink. With eyes constantly glued to the motion of the ball and hearts thumping as the ball hits the round hard surface, every correct thought and every calculated move is a step towards success. With the competition being so enthralling, the ride towards victory has got to be one of a kind. Come and dine on the thrill you've been craving. The 'Tables’ are now ready to be laid. Feast begins on 2nd November.